Can You Make Money Doing Business Article Marketing?

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you are an affiliate marketer wondering if you can really make money with business article marketing. Or maybe you are looking to start out in this business, and you’re browsing around on the internet, looking for information that will help you to get started off in the right direction. Well, I am here to tell you that you can make money, but it takes some skill and perseverance for sure.

All I can do is share my experience with you. When I started out as an affiliate marketer, I truly didn’t know what I was doing. Many programs on the internet tell you that you can make money promoting their product, or using their system. This may be true, however, you must have at least a basic level knowledge of some important skills before any system will work for you. Not to confuse you, but the truth is, there is no set model of marketing that works for everyone. So many people that I’ve come across in this field, all have their own approach that they use. What works for one person, may not work for another, or for that particular product or service. Many times it is trial and error and persistence that works. It can be frustrating, but if you have no clue what you are doing, your failures will be almost ever present, and your frustration level will just be something you can not fight off. This is why ninety seven percent of us don’t stay in this business. I say all this not to scare you, but only to encourage you to take some time to learn what you are doing.

I started out by talking about business article marketing. This has been a mainstay for me in my affiliate marketing career. If you’re new, I will just say that this is what we call the free way of marketing. There is a way of paying for traffic through pay per click advertising, but I don’t do that. Maybe some day I will, but for now, I like being able to write articles like these for free to help me generate traffic to my websites. And there is really too much to be said about article writing for this short article, and again, many people have their own strategies they may follow. The most important thing to remember is to have the following important basics down really well. Meaning, you can do research to learn how to do them. It’s this simple though. You need to have good keywords, followed by lots of effective articles, which link to good landing pages that have some good back links to them.

Four Rules Of Business Expansion

To be a champion agent, you must understand the four rules of business expansion. These rules are universal to all businesses, but especially to service businesses where the competition is high and the opportunities for repeat customers and referrals are higher. Those factors describe the real estate business well.

These four rules control the level of risk you will need to take to achieve a Champion Agent’s business. The farther down the list you venture, the more risk you incur, and the probability of achieving a return becomes even lower. I always counsel clients to attack these rules in order.

Rule #1 – Protect what you have currently

This doesn’t take a lot of work. Sometimes you get so excited about the new venture or opportunity expansion that you fail in your core business area. Your core business begins to slide and becomes stale, stagnant, and lifeless. Don’t ever take your eye off the ball. Each of you has one or two pillars of your business that generate a sizable business without much extra attention, but it does need some attention. Don’t throttle all the way back.

The vast majority of Agents do a poor job of this. We are so excited about new techniques, new systems, and new lead generation sources that we neglect to protect the business, past clients, and sphere of influence that we have now. As I once said to a new client, when explaining the four rules of business expansion, it’s like you’re running a ranch. You spend all of your time buying new cattle (that you find through a little prospecting or through marketing). The problem is the whole back of your corral is open, so your freshly acquired cattle that haven’t been branded yet are getting out into the neighbor’s pasture. You have some fence mending to do.

The easiest and fastest way to growth in your business is to protect what you currently have. This doesn’t really take a huge investment of time or dollars. It needs to be done, or you will be working too hard for too little return.

The National Association of Realtors┬« has done many studies over the years about our clients and the satisfaction and retention levels of both Buyers and Sellers. The numbers are really quite shocking. In a survey conducted over a series of years, 69% of people were satisfied with their Agent’s service. When they checked back with this test group, they found out that only 24% of the people who conducted another real estate transaction did so with their previous Agent. We only produced a 69% average of satisfied clients, which is about a C- grade. We then only got 24% of the total to even do business with us again – another 45-percentage point drop. Those numbers are really terrible.

What that says boldly to one is that we don’t protect what we currently have very well; that too many of us are sending out trash and trinkets in hopes of those leading to referrals and long-term relationships with our past clients and sphere. It is obviously not working!

A Champion works first to protect what he currently has before moving down to improving market penetration with his target market or those he already does business with. Most Agents go to number three on the list first. The reason is because it’s new; it’s fun; it’s an adventure; someone recommended it; they’re bored. Most Agents move to number three before anything else. Remember that the risk and probability are inverted the farther down the list of rules we work. The risk is higher and the probability lower as we go to rules three and four.

We must protect the farm we have (if we have one), our past clients, and our sphere of influence. You have to protect your position first, and that means anywhere that you are currently generating business from… protect it!

Rule #2 – Improve your market penetration with your target market or the people you already work with.

Once we protect them, we need to expand our reach in our target market. Basically, the rule says that wherever you have strength or control, exploit that strength to get more. Figure out ways to acquire a larger piece of the business in an area you have already penetrated, if you already control a piece. If you have a farm to work, increase your market share in the farm. I have a client who owns over 30% of the sales in her farm. Our first step was to create a strategy to increase her market share to over 45%. We did that through promoting her dominance as compared to other Agents and even companies. We also promoted the concept of a second opinion to the people who lived in the farm. She wanted to raise awareness of the changing marketplace and the fact that a second opinion costs nothing but gives them peace of mind that they are making the right decision. That strategy worked beautifully. She increased her number of appointments in the farm by 23% in the first few months. She is on track to exceed the 45% threshold of market share easily. She is getting a far better return in a short period of time with lower risk by working Rule #2, rather than Rule #3.

You also can convince your clients to invest in real estate; to do more deals with the people you currently do business with by getting their friends and relatives to work with you. Ramping up your referrals is a Rule #2 activity.

A target market would be any market that you currently target to generate business. It could be geographically, like my example, or it could even be FSBOs or expireds if you already do them. It is anything you are doing currently and deliberately to generate business.

Rule #3 – Expanding horizontally in your core business area.

For the majority, your core business area is residential real estate. Whatever you generate 80% of your commission dollars from is your core business.

When you expand horizontally, you open up another section of your business or a new lead source but still remain in residential real estate. You could begin to work builders; market to condos, multiplexes, investment property, FSBOs, or expireds; or establish a new farm area. Move into conducting open houses, attending service clubs, and conducting seminars for Home Buyers, Home Sellers, or Investors. The options are really endless for what you could do in this category.

The key is to expand into this area once you have hit the point of diminishing return in the first two rule categories. The law of diminishing return says that you are getting close to the maximum in that area, so the closer you get to the ceiling, the less growth you will receive, even if you put in tremendous effort and resources. There’s just not enough growth potential to be worth it.

Rule #4 – Change and create vertical expansion.

To expand vertically would be to move to a similar, complimentary business that is structured like the real estate business or has ties to the real estate business. This rule allows you to take what you learned in real estate or use the contacts you have in real estate and build an additional business and revenue stream.

The most common occurrence for Agents in this area is to open a real estate brokerage office and recruit Agents to work for them. You could also create a mortgage company, title company, escrow company, branch off into land development, building homes, or investment real estate. I have even heard of Agents becoming or forming a business partnership with a property and casualty insurance provider.

If you have data based well and communicated with your past clients and sphere frequently you certainly have the option of servicing them with other financial needs, as well.

Champions work to follow the four rules of business expansion. They focus on the risk and the probability of working to keep those both in their favor. I know of many Agents who became Champion Agents merely by focusing on Rule #1 – protecting what they have currently and Rule #2 – improving their market production with their target market or those they already work with. Because of their skill, database size, and frequency of communication, they can achieve exponential growth with limited risk.

Business in Your Pajamas

In today’s rapidly changing economy businesses are not changing by the minute, they are changing by the second. New technologies, new concepts, new business ideas emerge every day. To keep up with this rapidly changing business environment, you have to be linked in to what is going on in your community, your neighborhood and your network. If you’re looking to start a business and want it to grow quickly, you need to start a business that there is a need for and there are certain types of businesses that will always be needed.

If you are still trying to decide what type of business to start there are numerous businesses that you can start quickly with little or no out of pocket expenses. These businesses include consultants, web designers, telemarketers and many others. Here is a listing of some of the businesses that you can start right out of your house. You can start these businesses without even adjusting your wardrobe. You can remain in your bed-clothes or you can put on business attire. The choice is up to you.

Review the list and identify if any of these businesses are the type of business that you have interest in starting. Some of these businesses are ripe for implementation and expansion. Look at the listing of businesses and identify if any of these are for you.

Virtual Assistant

As business owners have become more comfortable working virtually, and work/life balance has increasingly become a necessity, the demand for virtual assistants has grown significantly. The Virtual Assistant business is one that can be either national or international. With many companies looking to cut the cost of overhead, virtual assistant companies can start small and expand rapidly.

Pet Care

According to recent statistics, approximately two-thirds of American households own pets, making the pet industry the sixth-fastest-growing industry in the nation. It is estimated that $43.4 billion will be spent on pets in this year alone. Pet care is an excellent area for business start up.

Accounting Services

In a tight economy, one of the primary goals for a business owner is staying on top of cash flow. Nobody likes having to ask for the check. If you have some accounting skills a collection agency is one that is easy to start up, primarily if you focus on collection debts for the small business. You can also offer accounts receivables services and bookkeeping services for business owners looking to outsource accounting.

Bargain Hunting

With just a computer and an Internet connection, virtually anyone can start their own website and market their products and services from home. Though numerous companies provide products that you can sell on-line, you can sign up with some of these companies, at no expense, and receive income after you have sold a product.

Technical Staffing

As more companies outsource services like recruiting, staffing companies are seeing an upturn in business. Staffing companies are companies that match employees with employers. Technical staffing agencies also screen employees prior to employers conducting an interview. It is possible to start a technical staffing agency right from the comfort of your own home.

Home Improvement

The home improvement and organization industry has expanded extensively in the past few years. Those who are making money in the housing industry are people who have adjusted their companies to do home improvements, shelving and remodeling. If you are handy with tools and you are personable, you can easily initiate this type of business. Because most shelving systems and remodeling projects are now customized for clients, there is no inventory, and appointments are handled through you, making it very easy to get a business up-and-running and achieve positive cash flow quickly.

Graphic Design Services

Some believe that everyone works with a computer computer, everyone is doing their own design work. But nothing could be further from the truth. The way a company represents itself is becoming increasingly important and a full-service Web-design firm whose projects include everything from Phone application design and commercial animation are greatly in need.

Green Consulting

When it comes to purchasing products and services, consumers are increasingly making their decisions based on the environment. Your company can capitalize on this growing consumer awareness by focusing on recommending green products and green implementation procedures that are affordable for the average family. Green consulting can net a lot of Green for those who have interest in getting into this ever expanding market and it is expected that this market will expand to over 1 billion dollars in sales in the next few years.

Resume Writing

With the terrible job market, job-seekers are looking for any and every way to distinguish themselves from the competition. A company that specializes in resume writing is just what they are looking for. If all you need to do is ask people if they would like their resume updated and charge a fee for it, this is one of the easiest businesses that you can start. Most of the information that is gathered for writing a good resume can be gathered through a phone conversation. It’s just that easy. A phone and a computer and you have a business.

Corporate Educational Services

Complying with federal regulations is a tricky business, especially for companies in the engineering and medical industries. Many of these companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to send their employees to required educational conferences. A good company to start would be one that provides consulting seminar services to these types of organizations. This can be done through locating the experts and providing webinars to the companies at a low cost. This would definitely save companies the expense of sending employees all over the country for a seminar. And the savings goes to you.

Repair Services

Call it a sign of the times, but companies that provide repair services, ranging from the home-improvement sector to the auto industry, are seeing an uptick in revenue as more people are fixing their existing possessions, rather than buying new ones. Business is up 2.4 percent at auto repair shops and 4.6 for electricians and plumbers in the past year, according to statistics. Other lucrative businesses include shoe repair shops, many of which have seen business more than double since the start of the recession, as well as personal electronics repair. The repair business is also hospitable for fledgling ventures: businesses can often be run from home and sustained on the founder’s knowhow and sweat equity.

Self Improvement

If ever there were a time in which people are searching for self-improvement, it’s now. Americans spend more than $11 billion each year on self-improvement products and services, including motivational-speaker seminars, networking and wealth-building instructional DVDs, and spiritual guidance books. Over the next three years, while many industries contract, self-help is expected to grow 6.2 percent annually.

These are just a few suggestions but the choice is up to you. Do you leave the house to start your business or do you stay in and get started? And in the time it takes you to make this decision some have already decided. So right now you’re running behind. Make your decision and get started now.